The Liebster Award: Favorite Movies, First Names and Pizza Topping

I realized I don't do many tags or awards. I have a few in my waiting list that I never seem to get to and so, I'm pushing myself to do one today. Thanks to Graham on yesmoreblogs who nominated me(and who has apparently given me a questionable nickname of 'PP'). He writes reviews on... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons Why KiKyo/SongSong Couple Might Not Happen

Okay, before all you KiKyo shippers kill me with your murderous glares, let me just say that I'm actually on the supporting side of this coupling. For anyone who doesn't understand what the heck I'm saying, let me explain it to you as best I can. To 'ship' something is to support or root for... Continue Reading →

Dear Fabian: Down Memory Lane

It's my fault, I didn't put you higher up on my priority list. You're not going to like my reason for putting this letter off either but I've...

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