Books I’m Reading in June

Can you believe that May is already over? Time is so relative. I thought I didn't read much but looking back I've actually written 11 posts, read 6 books and DNFed 2-3. Haha, what constitutes as 'reading much' is relative, too. Links to 'read' books will direct you to my reviews and the ones for... Continue Reading →


Failsafe by Anela Deen (Book Review)

Failsafe by Anela Dunn is a high-stakes, stirring YA Sci-Fi, with a side of humor to lighten the tense atmosphere. It delves into what...

Tea Tuesday (#1)

I'm thinking of starting a chat thread where we share our thoughts and opinions on certain topics, usually book related. What do you guys think? Brewing Tea... I recently finished a smacking book called Failsafe by Anela Deen and have written up my review but since it's being released on 20th May I prefer to... Continue Reading →

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