The Liebster Award: Favorite Movies, First Names and Pizza Topping

I realized I don't do many tags or awards. I have a few in my waiting list that I never seem to get to and so, I'm pushing myself to do one today. Thanks to Graham on yesmoreblogs who nominated me(and who has apparently given me a questionable nickname of 'PP'). He writes reviews on... Continue Reading →

[Tag] Listicle – Top 5 Characters I Wish Hadn’t Been Killed Off

Salut, everyone! Thought I'd get on with the Top 5 Listicle post that This Is My Truth Now tagged me with. I love his prompt, which is: Name the top 5 of your favorite fictional characters who died(that you wish hadn't) and replace them with another character to take the bullet for them. Rules(as written by... Continue Reading →

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