The Cloud Atlas Project

Hi Reader!

I started this not-so-original book project on a whim. The story goes like this: I buy a second-hand copy of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, find someone else’s bookmark wedged in it(an entrance ticket to a temple somewhere), read the story(quite interesting it was, although don’t expect any shocking ending because that’s not the point of this book), decide to pass the book on to the next person by leaving it at the airport on departure(which failed cuz I forgot to amidst the hurry to catch my flight―almost missed it!), decide to try it again by sending it back to the charity shop I purchased it from and now, presumably, it’s landed in your hands and that’s why you’re here! (Or maybe you’re one of my readers and came here out of curiosity, in which case you’re equally as welcome.)

Cloud Atlas - Cover
My copy of David Mitchell’s book


So, if you somehow get my copy of Cloud Atlas I hope you’ll add your first name/nickname and city at the end of the book. That way the next person you pass it on to will see how far it has travelled! And then come on over here so that we can all connect(and so that I get to know how far it’s went). Or this project could fail but it never hurts to try!

For everyone else, I encourage you to do one of these book sharing initiatives yourself! It really is a special experience knowing who all read the same book, it’s the spirit of reading after all!



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