Art Starts with a Line: A creative and interactive guide to the art of line drawing by Erin McManness (Short Review)

Art & Craft ▪ An interactive guide to line drawing designed to both inspire and teach artists how to approach this simple, yet dynamic, art form.

Crafting, Cooking & My Current Favorites!

My Dear Fabian 😜, It has surely been a while(I think I start most of my correspondences to you with that same sentence). So much has happened and yet, nothing has happened. Ha, ha, ha. Let me put that in a clearer way. So many tiny things have happened but not much progress has been... Continue Reading →

Hands On

Recently I bought some crochet supplies online. There were so many pretty thread colours I had a hard time choosing. Cerulean blue, warm grey, cream white, rose pink, oh the variety!

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