Sunshine Blogger Award (Tag)

'Sunshine' in Chinese is '阳光', pronounced as Yáng Guāng, literally meaning 'sun light'. Thank you, Jay, for nominating me! For those of you who like reading reviews of mystery, cosy mystery and thriller books do check out his blog. Jay has recently published two novels already and is an all-round great guy! WHAT IS THE... Continue Reading →


[Tag] Listicle – Top 5 Characters I Wish Hadn’t Been Killed Off

Salut, everyone! Thought I'd get on with the Top 5 Listicle post that This Is My Truth Now tagged me with. I love his prompt, which is: Name the top 5 of your favorite fictional characters who died(that you wish hadn't) and replace them with another character to take the bullet for them. Rules(as written by... Continue Reading →

{Mystery Blogger Award}

This is my very first 'Award' post that I'm doing, and it's all thanks to Maddie, who writes wonderful book reviews I enjoy reading, over on Well-Read Twenty Something. Thanks, Maddie, I'm quite flattered you nominated me! And I'm certainly not thanking you just 'cuz the rules say so, haha. Before I start, I just want to... Continue Reading →

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