Welcome to my Phantom Paper! Where I review books from a wide variety of genres. You’ll find comprehensive reviews with:

  • quotes
  • parental/content guidance details
  • quick points to help you decide if the book is right for you
  • fun fact relating to the book
  • pictures

My rating system works like this: I decide how many stars it’s worth out of 10 and then convert it to a rating out of 5 stars. For e.g. An 8/10 rating becomes 4/5, a 9/10 becomes 4.5/5 and so on. This is so that it is easier for me as I work better with a larger range.

Who is Arden Belrose?

I prefer to go by a pseudonym, so I came up with the name Arden Belrose. I hail from two countries, speak two languages and practice Islam. Aside from reading I’m mad about handcrafting! I’ve made origami, crocheted items, glass paint, jewelry, and a slew of other crafts.

I usually post twice a week, sometimes it varies depending on my reading schedule, but each Tuesday I post a recap/discussion. I post my reviews on NetGalley, Amazon China, Goodreads and Phantom Paper.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you’ll come say hi!

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