Hi everyone!

You might have noticed of late that I haven’t been posting. I apologize for not informing sooner, so here I am now with an update. I’m putting my blog on hold for a while as a new venture―we opened a café!―that I have requires almost all my attention, not to mention it being quite tiring so any free time I have goes to resting and relaxing. This new commitment is exciting and I hope it’ll turn out successful!

I was originally planning on finishing Beneath Cruel Fathoms by Anela Deen and An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson so I could post a review and monthly wrap-up post, but I underestimated how much effort and time the café would take, so I’ll settle for this shoutout for Beneath Cruel Fathoms for the time-being as I promised her a review post by the end of July 😁😅

I know you guys will understand my situation(because I’ve noticed the majority of people in the blogging world are super awesome and understanding!) and I hope I’ll be able to get some extra free time in the future to post a bit.

Thanks ever SO MUCH, you guys, for following, liking, commenting and reading my blog for the past year and a half. I’m honored and grateful for that and the opportunities and experiences it has given me. I’d like to thank the bloggers who supported me as well, Kaleena, Pauliina, Graham, author Laurence Westwood, The Orangutan Librarian, Jo Linsdell and Shalini(if I left anyone out, I am truly sorry!)

Here’s to the future and to you all my readers and blogger friends!


Arden Belrose


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