Fid’s Crusade by David Reiss (Blog Tour – Guest Post + Int’l Giveaway)

Howdy, guys! Things in real life have gotten busier than before and I’m beginning to struggle with juggling every task, and if all goes to plan, it’ll only get busier!


Today, I’m handing over the mic to David Reiss, author of Fid’s Crusade, a novel depicting a morally-ambiguous villain out to save the world. Talk about irony!

Before we hear what David’s got to share, let’s have a look at what his book is about, shall we?

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FID'S CRUSADE by David Reiss

Publisher Info: Atian Press

Page Count: 367

Genre: Sci-Fi, Contemporary Fantasy


Rage, grief and guilt have fueled Doctor Fid’s endless quest to punish the unworthy, leaving a long trail of blood and misery in his wake. For more than two decades, the sight of the villain’s powered armor has struck fear into the hearts of hero and civilian alike! But when a personal tragedy motivates Doctor Fid to investigate a crime, he uncovers a plot so heinous that even he is taken aback.

Haunted by painful memories and profound guilt, the veteran supervillain must race against time if he is to have any hope of confronting the approaching threat. Every battle takes its toll…but the stakes are too high for retreat to be an option.

In the end, it may take a villain to save the world from those entrusted with the world’s protection.


Guest Post

The Importance of Marketing 

by David H. Reiss


I can ramble on for hours about grammar and sentence structure, about rhythm, verb tense and point-of-view. I have opinions to share about punctuation and dialogue, about the active versus passive voice, about narrative frameworks and about plot evolution. The theory and practice of writing are cherished topics of discussion to me…but when aspiring authors ask me for advice about beginning their career as an author, I don’t talk about craft.

I talk about marketing.

When I first began my journey as a published author, I knew nothing about self-promotion, salesmanship or advertising. I simply finished my novel and released it to the world, then waited for the acclaim that I was sure would quickly follow. It was, of course, a long and very discouraging wait. Everyone who’d read the book told me that they loved it, but I made few sales and gained little exposure.

Sometime later, I was at a sci-fi convention and struck up a conversation with a fellow attendee. At some point my novel was discussed; “That sounds awesome,” he grinned. “I wish I’d known about it months ago!”

And thus…I was enlightened.

It’s simply not possible, I realized, to sell a book to a reader who doesn’t know that the book exists. More than a million new books are published each year. Without advertising and a marketing plan, it is easy for novels to be lost within all that clutter.

Writing, editing and formatting a great manuscript is only step one. Convincing people to read that book is step two…and, unfortunately, that is the step that far too many authors (myself included!) fail to plan for. No matter how exquisite the prose or how well-developed the plot, a book will languish—unread and unappreciated—unless the prospective audience’s attention is first somehow attracted. The reader must be lured in, convinced to give that particular book a try even when so many other options are available.

Only after a reader has chosen to open that one book, to turn the page and dive within, can the story itself work its magic.

And so, to aspiring authors I say this: Develop a marketing plan! Study advertising, spend time thinking about who your ideal readers are and how you intend upon notifying those ideal readers that your book is available, and reach out to other authors to get an idea of what has (and what has not) worked for books similar to your own. Your plan doesn’t need to be perfect—in fact, it probably won’t be; every strategy that I’ve come up with so far has required significant tweaking. Even a mediocre plan is better than no plan at all. Learn, practice and improve.

And then go back to studying grammar, sentence structure, rhythm, verb-tense and point-of-view. The best written book in the world will likely never get attention without marketing, but the best marketed book in the world won’t achieve success unless the book’s readers are thoroughly enthralled!

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Meet the Author

David H. Reiss - Author Profile Photo

While growing up, David was that weird kid with his nose in a book and his head in the clouds. He was the table-top role-playing game geek, the comic-book nerd, the story-teller and dreamer.

Fortunately, he hasn’t changed much.

David is a software engineer by trade and a long-time sci-fi and fantasy devotee by passion, and he lives in Silicon Valley with his partner of twenty-seven years. Until recently, he also shared his life with a disturbingly spoiled cat named Freya.

(Farewell, little huntress. You were loved. You are missed.)

David’s first trilogy, The Chronicles of Fid, has just recently been completed; these were his first novel-length projects but they certainly won’t be his last—he’s having far too much fun!

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter


Where to find the book: Amazon | Audible | B&N | Book Depository | Goodreads

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13 thoughts on “Fid’s Crusade by David Reiss (Blog Tour – Guest Post + Int’l Giveaway)

Add yours

    1. Absolutely! It’s incredibly vital and when you think about it it’s just like a product you make or service, people need to know it exists! I’ve read quite a few books that just don’t get hyped enough. Like Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray, A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray and Gone by Michael Grant, to name a few. Do you have any books you wish had more spotlight time?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow, yay!! What a coincidence! Would love to know your thoughts on ‘Gone’ when you’re done with it.

          Yes, Red Rising does have a little fame. Sadly for me I didn’t want to continue it as I disliked the transformation of the main character a lot. I liked his previous look 😁 It had history, whereas the new one is way too hulk-like and brutish.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. This is such a valuable posts to both authors and bloggers. We all benefit from cultivating relationships with each other, and hopefully learn about some great new books along the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wholeheartedly agree! One of my favorite books isn’t very well-known(Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray). It’s up to us readers to spread the word! Do you have a book in mind that you think deserves more attention?


  2. Thank you for being a part of this blog tour and for hosting this article!

    On the MurderByTomes blog commentary, you mentioned that you might be interested in reading the book; I’d be happy to send you a copy. Let me know!

    Thanks again,

    – David H. Reiss

    Liked by 1 person

    1. David, first off, sorry for the absolutely late-est reply! Things then were getting busy offline and I was getting overwhelmed by book blogging. So, I took a break.

      It was my pleasure to have been a part of your blog tour and I thank you for your generous offer! Funny thing is, I won a giveaway for your book a little after the tour 😛 But I’m no longer participating in giveaways or accepting hardcopies of books because I never received ANY of the books that were sent to me!! It’s due to the post office here, don’t know what went wrong.

      Anyway, just wanted to let you know of my situation in case there are any misunderstandings. Hope your book did well! ^_^


      1. Hey there, thank you for the kind comments. The book and its sequels did well and I had a lot of fun with the blog tour. I’ve recently re-published the entire trilogy with new covers, and I’m having a blast working on other new projects now.

        I do remember that contest, and your book was shipped way back in July of 2019. I’m sorry to hear that the novel never made its way to you. :/

        Thank you again,

        – David R.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow, the whole trilogy’s out already? That’s fast! I’m glad to hear things went well! Lol, it’s ok, I just wanted you to know what happened. Now I’m speculating it’s the customs dept. where things could have went wrong…Anyway, it was a pleasure to help in any way I could for a debut author. Thank you for the giveaway nonetheless!


  3. I think this part of being an author is something that is often overlooked and ends up being a huge surprise for many indeed. As bloggers, we sort of quickly see its importance and to incorporate it in your plans to publish is definitely important! Great guest post; thanks for sharing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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