Obsessed by Allison Britz (Book Review)

Obsessed by Allison Britz (Book Cover)

Book Blurb:

Until sophomore year of high school, fifteen-year-old Allison Britz lived a comfortable life in an idyllic town. She was a dedicated student with tons of extracurricular activities, friends, and loving parents at home.

But after awakening from a vivid nightmare in which she was diagnosed with brain cancer, she was convinced the dream had been a warning. Allison believed that she must do something to stop the cancer in her dream from becoming a reality.

It started with avoiding sidewalk cracks and quickly grew to counting steps as loudly as possible. Over the following weeks, her brain listed more dangers and fixes. She had to avoid hair dryers, calculators, cell phones, computers, anything green, bananas, oatmeal, and most of her own clothing.

Unable to act “normal,” the once-popular Allison became an outcast. Her parents questioned her behavior, leading to explosive fights. When notebook paper, pencils, and most schoolbooks were declared dangerous to her health, her GPA imploded, along with her plans for the future.

Finally, she allowed herself to ask for help and was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. This brave memoir tracks Allison’s descent and ultimately hopeful climb out of the depths.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Tags: Non-fiction, Mental illness, OCD, Social life

Publisher: Simon Pulse (September 17th 2017)

My Thoughts:

(You can read this book for free on RivetedLit.com until January 31st, 2019. Regional restrictions may apply.)

I went in just for curiosity’s sake and ended up reading the whole book! Hehe 😀

The utter insanity she went through was shocking. Allison Britz did a tremendous job in conveying the logic that went behind her obsessive thoughts. One seed of fear blew up and spread its roots into a giant, toxic tree at an alarming speed, taking over her life in the process. It’s scary how easy it can happen to anyone.

After reading her ordeal I discussed this with my siblings and realised that I, sometimes, have some isolated habits that can be construed as mildly OCD. I’m thankful that I’ve kept things in check before it had the chance to get out of hand, because one tiny fear can snowball into epic proportions the moment you turn your back.

Obsessed is a memoir chronicling Allison Britz’s battle with OCD and is written in a contemporary-fiction tone. This is a smart decision as it can appeal to even those who dislike non-fiction.

To those who are battling OCD, I feel for you. What you’re going through is tough as tough can be. But just like Allison, who once didn’t see any ray of hope until she asked for help, so, too, can you. It’s gets better, there’s still hope left in reining back your life. Reach out for help, there are people who would jump up just to give support. We all need help from others in this life.

Parental Guidance: 13+

Trigger Warning: Contents in this book is most likely triggering for people with OCD.

Violence – No
Sex – No
Religion – At one point the narrator believes staunchly in God
Profanity – Medium variety, low count

Recommended for: Those who are interested in reading about a first-hand account of someone with mental illness, specifically OCD. Also for those who like their non-fiction more story-like.

Grab this now on: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Goodreads | Riveted(Read for FREE until Jan 31st 2019)

Excerpt of Obsessed by Allison Britz

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