Hey everyone! I’ll be taking a few days off as I’m moving. Hope to see you guys soon!

Keep grooving πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Mini Break

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        1. Omg, SIX YEARS ago??! Lolll, I get you though, I can easily imagine my family doing the same xD Why do we have so much THINGS. I’m so glad I started selling off a bunch of our stuff, that’s latent money sitting around the house! I re-sold books I didn’t have too much attachment to as well. It feels good!


            1. Oh my god, you hit the nail right on its head! That is EXACTLY the same thought that goes through my mind when I look at all the boxes!!! But then I go through them and I end up with only a few things I could part with. It’s maddening!

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