Summer TBR Wipeout: Update Post #2

If you want to know how fast time flies just join a challenge.

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Update Post #1

What have I read?

I did pretty good this week! If you’ve noticed I did some reading outside of my list(mood-reader here :P). And I’ve rediscovered my love for contemporary fiction! I’ve been questioning myself on why I read contemporary teen romance predominantly in my mid to late-teens. I thought it was just the ‘age’ factor, turns out it wasn’t! I started on The Museum of Heartbreak on a whim(and because I wasn’t in the mood for my usual dystopian/sci-fi/fantasy. Also, it was free on Riveted :P) and that was all that was needed to fuel the ember!

The Robots of Gotham was intense fun and I shall be writing a review some time later(if you like robots, be they villainous or friendly, get this book!).

What am I reading?

I find the romance in Girl With A Gun a little too quick, not half-way through and our love-interest has already……proposed! As for Furyborn, I haven’t made much headway yet. I know Horowitz’s books always have something fun about to happen, so I’m excited!

What will I be reading next?

I’ve been very moody with my reading this past few weeks, so other than Tied To Deceit(’cause I have to review it for a book tour coming up and, no, it’s not a kinky romance) I can’t say for sure. It’ll be something from my list though!

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Do you prefer short or comprehensive reviews?

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