WWW Wednesday – First Time!

Guys, I assure you I have not lost track of what day it is. I just wanted to try out this tag and it’s going to be a short post.

WWW Wednesday is a book meme hosted by Sam @Taking On a World of Words, thank you for carrying on the torch!

(Note: All links direct to their Goodreads page unless stated otherwise)

What are you currently reading?

Before Dawn

by Elizabeth Arroyo

before dawn by elizabeth arroyo - Cover

Sci-Fi | Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian


What did you recently finish reading?

Lost For Words

by Stephanie Butland (My Review)

Lost for Words Cover

Contemporary Fiction|Poetry |Bibliophilec | Women’s Fiction

What Blooms From Dust

by James Markert

What Blooms from Dust Cover

The Dust Bowl | Magic Realism | Wild West | 1930s


What do you think you’ll read next?

The Robots Of Gotham

by Todd McAulty

ROBOTS-OF-GOTHAM by Todd McAulty - Cover

Sci-Fi | Post-Apocalyptic | Robot/AI


Girl With A Gun

by Kari Bovée

Girl with a Gun Cover

Mystery | Wild West | Historical

P.S. I’m going to the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair tomorrow! It’s a large book sale of excess prints at discounted prices. I’ve been anticipating it for more than a month now, let’s see how it turns out once I’ve checked it out.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – First Time!

Add yours

  1. Have fun at the book fair! I’d say don’t spend too much but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Haha. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!


        1. Ohhh, makes sense now! I thought you lived in the US xD I live in Sri Lanka, this is their 2nd time here but my 1st time visiting. It has its cons but I’m happy cuz I still managed to find books I liked! I got a hardcover of Spellslinger and it.is.GORGEOUS!!! Also, SO CHEAP FOR A HARDCOVER!

          Have you ever been to the book fair before? Also, what did you ask your friend to get?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Waaaa! It must have been fun! 🤩
            I haven’t been to a book fair before. 😦 and actually, I forgot which books I’ve asked her to buy. I haven’t gotten them yet. 😂 I really need to ask her again so that I don’t buy doubles.

            Liked by 1 person

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