Tea Tuesday #7: Eid, Edelweiss and Life Goals

Life this week

Eid this year fell on the weekend. It’s the 1 to 3-day festival Muslims celebrate after a month of intermittent fasting. Usually, my family doesn’t celebrate it with much fanfare as it’s just us but this year we decided we’d put more emphasis on celebrating it, while still keeping it casual. Originally, we’d intended to check out another art supply shop, a book shop and bakery but they were all either CLOSED for the festival or early for the weekend! ~_~ We visited some relatives(meh) and played volleyball on the beach. Saw that the previous stormy days had eaten away the shoreline, it just sloped steeply into the sea. Scary! I thought to myself ‘Would it ever return to its former state?’


What am I reading?

This week was a bit lethargic as far as reading’s concerned. I started reading Lost For Words while I was still plowing through The Royal Art of Poison. I’m hoping to finish both of them this week or I’d be behind on my schedule. I’ve got some fun ones in July I don’t want to push back!

I’m really liking Edelweiss so far and I’m so glad I joined it, rather than keep being intimidated by its added formalities and site layout. I noticed that some books that are unavailable for requesting on NetGalley are open on Edelweiss, plus, I got approved for a few books I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise on NetGalley! I never thought I’d get books from big name publishers like HarperCollins and Harlequin Teen! If you haven’t been following me on Twitter, you’ll have missed my ecstatic tweets on some ARC approvals I’ve been genuinely anticipating recently.

I got declined for Furyborn on NetGalley but cinched it on Edelweiss! I’ve heard great feedback on The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, so, I was crossing my fingers I’d get it. And can you even believe that I got approved for a Mitch Albom book?? Me?! Also, I’ve read and really liked Alex Scarrow’s TimeRiders series, so imagine my delight at being approved for one of his other books! I’m fangirling here if you haven’t noticed 😛

And a few other worthy mentionables:


If, like me, you’re not sure or intimidated by joining Edelweiss, I hope my experience with them have rooted out any doubts you might’ve had previously!

Question of the week

When it comes to life, everyone’s just fumbling around, trying things out and seeing if they work. No one knows what’s right for them until they actually experience it for themselves. I always reflect and ponder on what my ambitions and purposes are in life and I’ve yet to figure it out. Do I want to be well-known for something or do I want a laid-back life in a friendly community? If I pick the latter, I’ll be forgoing a chance at making it big and being recognized for my talents(whatever they are), but how truly fulfilling is a life of seeking approvals and acknowledgements from others? So, this week’s question is:

How did you figure out what your life goals are?


How did you discover your purpose in life or ambition-wise?


I know there are no cookie-cutter ways to finding the answer but a different perspective is always helpful and welcome. Have you found your career or life goal or purpose?


2 thoughts on “Tea Tuesday #7: Eid, Edelweiss and Life Goals

Add yours

  1. Congrats on the Edelweiss approvals! I prefer Netgalley personally because Edelweiss hates me and I barely ever get accepted there lol. You’re right though, a lot more books are available on there. Furyborn is amazing, I hope you enjoy it 😀 And wow, those pics are beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Adri! You know, your comment has reminded me to be grateful to NetGalley because some of the publishers there took a leap of faith with me(I didn’t even have 50 followers then! And only a handful of reviews).

      You’ve read Furyborn? Ooh, I hope I’ll like it, too! You know the author replied to my tweet abt her book? I LOVE ppl who engage with their audience!

      And thank you for your compliment! I love the sand pic best, looks like sand dunes if you didn’t know it was a beach 😛


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