Books I’m Reading in June

Can you believe that May is already over? Time is so relative. I thought I didn’t read much but looking back I’ve actually written 11 posts, read 6 books and DNFed 2-3. Haha, what constitutes as ‘reading much’ is relative, too. Links to ‘read’ books will direct you to my reviews and the ones for my TBR list will redirect to their goodreads page until I’ve completed them.


June TBR List

These are the books on my schedule this month, hopefully I can squeeze in a few more.



What are you all reading in June? Any book you’d like to recommend to me?

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      1. I am currently reading- Him and I by Melody Eve, Ragdoll by Daniel Cole, Miss Frost Cracks a Caper by Kristen Painter. My TBR after this are Knocked up by Stacey Lynn, Wicked Dance by Olivia Booth, Gull Harbor by Kathryn Knight, The Tribulations of August Barton by Jennifer LeBlanc, Engagement Rate by Annie Dyer, Breaking Boundaries by M.A Lee, Plus 2 books that I have applied to join the tour for and am waiting to hear back from. and Ember Burning: Trinity Forest, Book 1 by Jennifer Alsever (4 of those are audiobooks) busy wise it’s pretty typical for me. πŸ™‚

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        1. wohohow o.0 Your schedule’s packed! I like the sound of Ember Burning. I’ve yet to try an audiobook ARC, don’t know where to get those either 😜 I’m joining in a summer TBR challenge hosted by Candid Cover, it runs from July 1 – Aug 12. Feel free to join us if you like! Sign up’s till 5th this month I think…


        1. Hehe, I’m anticipating getting to ‘All Rights Reserved’ and its sequel by Gregory Scott Katsoulis. A YA novel set in a dystopian world where speaking costs. Literally costs money. You can get the 1st book for free after signing up to HarlequinTeen’s newsletter. I got the sequel on Edelweiss πŸ™‚

          Can you disclose what those ARCs are? πŸ˜€

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              1. Im on Goodreads but am terrible at adding books to my TBR. So honestly I’m not sure if they’re on there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… Prodigy Prince is by Natasha Sapienza, Storm Raven by K Hanson, The Divinity Bureau by Tessa Clare, Control Freakz by Michael Evans, Reflection by Jessica Roberts, and Forever Disguised by Annie Woods (the cover just revealed yesterday!)

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