Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh (Cover Reveal)

Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh Cover Reveal Banner

Hoi, hoi, hoi, my very first cover reveal post is here! Time to draw the curtains to reveal the cover of Not Like Everyone Else by Jennifer Leigh, set to release June 15, 2018!

But first, shall we check out what the story is about? ‘Cause why would we even care if we don’t know what we’re revealing?

Not Like Everyone Else


Jennifer Leigh

Ryan can’t seem to get her memories in order. When she breaks it off with her long-term boyfriend, Corey, she can’t help but feel free. But mysterious events keep Ryan asking “just what happened?” after her family moved to Ryton, after Carter goes missing, after Jacob is in the hospital. All of these afters, but Ryan can’t remember the befores. With Harper and Elliot by her side, Ryan can only hope that she does not forget…again. Will Ryan be able to recover her memory to figure out what happened when it all went dark?

That sure sounds mysterious. And now, for the unveiling!


The Cover:

RuPaul's Drag Queen S8

Erm…that’s not the reveal we’re talking about, Arden.


Ok, fine, I won’t keep you waiting any longer 😜


Not Like Everyone Else Book Cover


Minions Tada-ing

Well, that was fun 😁

Not Like Everyone Else is available for pre-order right now, get it here!

Also, you can sign-up for the blog tour which runs from June 15-June 23.

About The Author

Jennifer Leigh is a self-published young adult author and blogger. She has participated in National Novel Writing Month where all of her thoughts come together and books are created. Her blog, Bound to Writing, focuses on young adult books and writing. She lives in New Jersey with her fiancé, two guinea pigs, and cat.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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