Tea Tuesday (#2)

Brewing tea…[Update]

*cough* Is it tuesday already?

I ran into a bit of a dilemma last week, I had books that I’d read and reviewed but couldn’t post because their publishing dates were not close enough. The ARCs that were close enough I wasn’t in the mood for. And then I moved. As in, moved houses. So, uh, I rest my case. *smiles shiftily*

Now, I’ve picked up Starlings by Jo Walton.

Starling by Jo Walton - Book Cover

Only after reading some of her stories did I realize how lucky I was in being approved for an ARC!! She’s a multi-award winning author😱

Add some milk…[Discussion]

It disquiets the bookworm side of me that there are innumerous marvelous books out there that I can’t read because they’re written in another language.

I just had a thought, do you think the apocalyptic and dystopian trend is popular only in the English writing world? I know that Wu Xia(literally meaning ‘martial heroes’) novels are immensely popular in China. One cliché in East-Asian novels and TV is 壁咚(Bì Dōng, literally meaning the thump against a wall) where a guy traps a girl to a wall with his arm(s) and leaning towards her in close proximity.

And one funny take on the cliché:

I have it bad for the Dystopian, Sci-fi, Apocalyptic and YA genres. I used to enjoy love triangles but now it just seems so unfair on the guys involved. How can you be hung up on her when she’s into some other guy as well??

If I want to torture myself with clichés I abhorr then I can simply read Romance novels and Wattpad. (Romance fans please don’t take offense as it’s just my dislike. I’m not saying the books are badly written. Wattpad, on the other hand…😁)

I can’t think of any particular clichés that I flutter over but I do know that I’m SO INTO smart male characters who have a leader streak in them, bonus if they’re the quiet kind.

So, I’m curious, what genres are popular in your country? Any clichés that you love? And ones you hate?

A Dash of Sugar…[Extra]

Today, I want to share some wise quotes for our 2nd Tea Tuesday. The maiden post had so many people sharing their way of drinking tea; some without milk, some uber strong and even one without sugar! I give my utter thanks to everyone who participated, it was so interesting to know all your preferences!

21 thoughts on “Tea Tuesday (#2)

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  1. I am from the Netherlands and not hugely knowledgable about the YA literature unfortunately. I do know however that a lot of the ‘proper literature’ is about sexually frustrated middle aged men or woman. Not sure what that says about my country XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is it ever! We had to lug our luggages and some boxes up to the 3rd floor by STAIRS (ಥ_ಥ) Thank God we didn’t have furniture!
      Thanks a shelf-load for the well-wishes, Bentley!!


  2. Great post. I read some YA, but mainly those that are aimed at the older end of the market. Some are just too sickly sweet when it comes to relationships. Seems a lot of times that the YA market revolves around falling in love, not matter on the genre.

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    1. I read the same bracket of YA, too! Cause they’re more mature at that age than compared to younger teens, right? I can’t standdddd smarmy, cliché, cringeworthy romances in some of them😣 And I agree, like, save the world? OK, but I’m also gonna have time to snag and snog the pretty boy as well. I like when the books have some romance in it but sometimes, I think how unrealistic that is, too😁


  3. I like reading your opinions. I have to say I’m a little tired of YA and will probably take a major break from reading it. I do appreciate your thoughts on stereotypes you like and ones you don’t.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Terri!! Haha, looks like somebody got YA fatigue😁 I get tired of reading the same tropes and plotlines, too. I do recommend BZRK or Gone, both by Michael Grant, if you’re looking for YA that has a bit more realistic young characters.


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