Tea Tuesday (#1)

Tea Party-themed Banner
Lovely tea party-themed shot thanks to StarFlames on Pixabay!

I’m thinking of starting a chat thread where we share our thoughts and opinions on certain topics, usually book related. What do you guys think?

Brewing Tea…

I recently finished a smacking book called Failsafe by Anela Deen and have written up my review but since it’s being released on 20th May I prefer to hold it back for a while*. I’ve got other ideas and a draft post but can’t finish them up on time for a post today. So, I thought why not start a discussion thread?

*Update: My review of Failsafe is now up!

Add Some Milk…

I’ve been reading, exploring and connecting with other book bloggers lately and one thought came to my mind, all book blogs’ content seem to be about the same stuff. Like reviews(duh, we gotta have them), interviews, giveaways(I’m not complaining about this one!) and tags. I enjoy reading these when I’m in the mood but I was wondering, is there anything you feel is missing or would like to see more of on book blogs? Also, why do you read them blogs?

I do to get recommendations, get to know authors, connect with like-minded people and sign-up for giveaways.

A Dash of Sugar…

I followed a recipe a few days ago on making a Sri Lankan-style Beef Curry. It turned out fragrant and delicious!

Photo of the Sri Lankan style beef curry that I made.

If you want to try this recipe out, too, tag me on instagram with #TeaTuesdayCurry of your version!

Hope you guys join me today for a cuppa!

36 thoughts on “Tea Tuesday (#1)

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        1. I’ve never tried honey in tea before, have tried in black coffee xD I like plain jasmine tea(Chinese style – no sugar, no nothin’. Just jasmine tea leaves brewed in hot water) and milk tea(black tea leaves) and the occasional black tea with sugar.


  1. Great post and that Beef Curry looks delicious. I don’t drink tea but I think I am going to start drinking tea in May because a lot of my friends say that there are absolutely delicious. Plus I have tried tea once and I quite enjoyed it but I like mine with sugar and honey. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

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