Publishing Palooza – Sky in the Deep, Antique Blues & Murder on the Flying Scotsman

The publishing date for three books that I've recently reviewed coincided on the same day, the 24th of April, yesterday. How 热闹! 热闹(Rè Nào) means 'buzzing with excitement/noise' or 'hubbub'. Antique Blues - Cosy Mystery by Jane K. Cleland When amateur sleuth and antiques expert Josie Prescott is called in to appraise a Japanese woodblock... Continue Reading →

Tea Tuesday (#1)

I'm thinking of starting a chat thread where we share our thoughts and opinions on certain topics, usually book related. What do you guys think? Brewing Tea... I recently finished a smacking book called Failsafe by Anela Deen and have written up my review but since it's being released on 20th May I prefer to... Continue Reading →

Murder On The Flying Scotsman by Carola Dunn (Book Review)

Daisy Dalrymple is a strong-spirited and kind young lady who happens to have a knack of stumbling onto murder wherever she goes. As far as Murder on the...

Antique Blues by Jane K. Cleland (Book Review)

This is actually the second book I've ever read in the cosy mystery genre, the first one being Plain Brown Wrapper(I didn't realize that was a cosy until I started reading this 2nd one!)

Sunshine Blogger Award (Tag)

'Sunshine' in Chinese is '阳光', pronounced as Yáng Guāng, literally meaning 'sun light'. Thank you, Jay, for nominating me! For those of you who like reading reviews of mystery, cosy mystery and thriller books do check out his blog. Jay has recently published two novels already and is an all-round great guy! WHAT IS THE... Continue Reading →

Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young (Book Review)

Sky In The Deep is written in the POV of Eelyn, a fierce female warrior you don't want to be on the wrong side of in a battle. For her, family is everything, including her clan, the Askas. Fighting in battle and their enemy, the Rikis, is all she's ever known. No questions asked, that is, until she sees her long dead brother during one of these battles, fighting alongside the enemies. This one chance meeting catalizes events, bringing everyone into the dawn of a new world, however unwillingly they may want it.

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