Nikita (TV Show Review & Highlight)


Show Blurb:

Nikita is an American TV series focusing on Nikita, a woman who escaped from a secret government-funded organization known as “Division” and, after a three-year hiding period, is back to bring down the organization.

Developed by Craig Silverstein, this 2010-13 series is based on the 1990 French film Nikita and the 1997 television series, La Femme Nikita.

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Action, Spy Fiction

Main Cast:

Nikita TV Show - Main Cast

Running Time: 4 Seasons | 73 Episodes | 42 minutes per episode

My Rating: 4 Stars

My Thoughts:

If you’ve watched Wonder Woman recently and are looking for more girl-power shows or films, then Nikita will definitely fit that slot. A femme-fatale with a vengeance, Nikita is a smart, sexy former secret agent who kicks ass and makes it look so good. I enjoyed how they showed the viewers the many ingenious yet simple ways she could get things done without the resources of her former organization. It is entertainment after all, so, some scenes or situations depicted may seem a bit far-fetched. I’m pretty sure there are some plot holes and gaffes but it’s a good action-spy show with a strong female lead—make that two.

It’s interesting to note that Maggie Q, who plays the titular role in the show, would voice for Wonder Woman two years later in the animated series ‘Young Justice‘.

What surprised me and ultimately pushed me to dedicate a post to this show was a scene in Season 1 episode 9. Check it out below:

Nikita Season 1 Episode 9 - Quran Verse (Collage)
Karim, the Arab guy, says the lines in the first two shots. Michael speaks in the rest of the shots.

I was just pleasantly shocked to see the show include something relating to Islam! At the beginning of the episode I was skeptical and wasn’t sure where they were going with the whole ‘jihadi’ theme and then BAM, Michael uttered those lines! They altered the lines a bit but kept its original meaning.

Surah Al Baqarah Verse 2:190
The original verse found in Surah Al-Baqarah 2:190.

I greatly appreciate the people behind the making of this show for addressing this issue in today’s world, where terrorists proclaim to be doing things in God’s cause and justify their deeds with incomplete lines or ones taken out of context from the Holy Book.  This means a lot to me as a Muslim and I’m sure to fellow Muslims as well.

On other topics, I wish they hadn’t killed off a character in Season 1. I liked them and saw potential. I should’ve seen it coming but was rooting for them too much to see the signs. It was also one of the reasons why I paused watching the show. I read that the Season 1 finale had some surprise twist; that might make me go back to watching the show.

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