The Season by Katy Y. (Book Review)

The Season by Katy Y. - Book Cover
I was a little confused at first but now I’m pretty sure the ‘#SafeLove’ tag means the romance is kept PG-13. Something that makes me happy because you don’t get much of that nowadays, do you?

Rating: 4/5 Moons

Book Blurb:

Libby Marks-Whelan is decidedly not a lady. Kicked out of nearly every finishing school in the country, she’s shocked when her demure, straight-laced cousin Ella invites her to the royal court as attendant during her debutante season. What Ella fails to realize, however, is that Libby’s brand of mischief is exactly the kind of distraction Prince Andrew is looking for during his inaugural season as an eligible bachelor.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

My Thoughts:

This was an enjoyable read, especially if you’re in the mood for historical and romance fiction. The writing was quite good for what you usually get on Wattpad, although it might need a little tweaking to be more true to the English used in those times.

The characters stayed on track and didn’t blur into one (not sure if you get me here) and the main character, Libby, wasn’t annoying. You could feel her frustration and utter boredom at living the court life, as well as her fish-out-of-water feelings of not fitting in with the more refined ladies. I liked that her character matched nicely with Prince Andrew, it was like reading the ‘how we met’ story of a future King and Queen.

The plot was simple and relatively relaxed. In its defense I’d say it achieved what it set out to do, after all, it never promised to be an action tale! My one complaint is that I wish the author made Libby a smidgen more smarter and less flighty when situations turned bad. But then again, a character with no flaws would be worse! I guess it’s better that she had some shortcomings. Another thing I’d have liked is to read more interactions between her and Prince Andrew that showed the breath-of-fresh-air side of Libby. It’d make the Prince’s infatuation more believable to the readers. All the same, it’s meant to be a light read and a retelling of Cinderella, a feat I think author Kate pulled off quite splendidly; it’s a fresh take on the age-old fairytale, I assure you.

Should I Get It?

Get it if:

  • you’re looking for a light read
  • you prefer reading PG-13 romance fiction
  • you like rule-breaking, witty heroines
  • you’re not looking for a heavy dose of history

Don’t get it if:

  • you’re looking for historical action fiction

Where To Get It: Wattpad

If exquisite gowns, opulent balls, handsome suitors and backstabbing fiends are what you’re looking for, then The Season by Katy Y. is just the book!

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