Shadow Weaver by Claire Merle (Book Review)

Shadow Weaver by Claire Merle - Book Cover
Mesmerizingly beautiful eyes, eh?

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Adventure

Book Blurb:

In a kingdom where those who can see people’s memories are outlawed, feared and forced into slavery, Mirra and her brother have escaped their fate by hiding near the frozen mountains.
When bounty hunters snatch Mirra’s young brother, she will do anything to get him back. Anything, including surrendering herself to her captors to travel with them across ice and snow to a lawless town.

In the town’s black market, the hunters sell her brother to a royal officer. But Mirra discovers a mysterious man destined for the same province as the officer, and arranges her own sale so she can follow them. Working for a Prince who cannot remember his past, under the watch of a dangerous mercenary who has carefully buried secrets, is fraught with danger. Mirra must outwit each of her adversaries, or her hopes of seeing her brother again will be cut by the noose around her neck.

Rating: 4.9 Stars

My Thoughts:

Finally, finally a book on Wattpad I actually enjoyed and didn’t cringe with every sentence I read! Cliché-ridden and sloppily written novels were the driving reason behind me abandoning Wattpad in the first place. But now, thanks to Shadow Weaver, all is not lost!

Shadow Weaver is the first book I’ve read by Claire Merle, and oh boy, what a read it was! I’m pretty sure the author is a wizard ‘cuz there was no turning back once I started reading. It was like she cast a spell on me with her beautiful descriptions with just the right amount of words. Honestly, there was something about Merle’s writing style for this book that magnetized the reader.

The characters were lifelike, dynamic and were actually their own persons, instead of all of them sounding and making decisions like they were one person, which is basically half the stories found on Wattpad. Best thing about it is that our heroine’s not a damsel-in-distress! Amen to that! And, Shadow Weaver also features a talented and swoon-worthy prince! *Gush* (I’m imagining them as Eliza Taylor & Bob Morley from ‘The 100‘ TV series.)

And the plot? There was no shortage of action, adventure, mystery and excitement as you go along. And some romance sprinkled in, enough to make you start rooting for the couple, but not too much that it’s unrealistic as this first book focuses more on the protagonist’s rescue of her brother and the nation. I mean, the world as you know it is about to fall into the hands of a twisted man, your brother’s kidnapped and your life is at stake, there’s not much time for falling in love, right? It wouldn’t be realistic and isn’t in tune with our heroine’s character. Besides, she’s only sixteen. Plenty of time to fall for the Prince (yes, I’m rooting for him!) in the next book. But, not to worry, there are moments for you to squeal about; it’s not all nun-like.

Although the book falls under the fantasy genre, it wasn’t overwhelmed with fictional beasts or powers; you could almost imagine it as a historical novel, which is great for those of you who don’t fancy the genre.

Bottom line, I absolutely am in love with Shadow Weaver! After all, I read it in two sittings! And I can’t wait for the sequel, might even buy it if it isn’t going to be free and is within my budget!

Should I Get It?:

Get it if:

  • you―it’s FREE!!! For godsakes, why wouldn’t you get it??!
  • you like your heroines fiesty and capable, and your princes talented and manly in that silent way.
  • you enjoy dynamic characters that come with a side of flaws but also capable of growth.
  • you’re looking for a superbly, well-written story on Wattpad devoid of the gag-inducing clichés.
  • you prefer descriptions and writing that I can only describe as melodic.
  • you want to like fantasy novels but don’t like the truckload of fictional beings found in most books in that genre.

Don’t get it if:

(Frankly, I see no reason as to why you shouldn’t read it other than the fact that you don’t want to read, period.)

  • you absolutely, totally, completely cannot stand even an atom of fantasy.
  • you prefer to read in the P.O.V. of a guy.
  • you want to see some ‘action’ between the potential couple.
  • you like bad-boy love interests whose words drip with sarcasm.
  • you prefer 3rd person P.O.Vs

Where To Get It: Wattpad (excerpt) | Paperback & Kindle edition (available soon, sign up to her newsletter to be informed when it comes out)

Let me know whether this review made you want to read the book by liking or commenting below! Or, if you’ve already read it, what your thoughts are. Do you like it or actually disagree with my sentiments? Do you think Wattpad is drowning in eye-rolling, half-baked attempts at writing, too? Oh, and do share with us any similarly GREAT authors/books on Wattpad that you know! I would love to know them, it’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack these days.

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