7 Reasons Why KiKyo/SongSong Couple Might Not Happen

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on IG

Okay, before all you KiKyo shippers kill me with your murderous glares, let me just say that I’m actually on the supporting side of this coupling.
For anyone who doesn’t understand what the heck I’m saying, let me explain it to you as best I can. To ‘ship‘ something is to support or root for that thing. I’m not sure if it stemmed from the word ‘worship'(I like to think that it’s not what that means). So, usually when you ‘ship’ a couple in a movie, TV show or real life, it means you support and root for the pairing.

In today’s post’s case, it’s the shipping of South Korean co-stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo from the surprise hit K-Drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’. Now, I’m not going to be talking about how great the show is today(maybe in another post). The two actors starred as the lead couple in the series and have convinced a large fan base to ship them with their good chemistry and acting skills, boosted all the more with the help of the storyline.

Now, with introductions aside, let’s get on with the list of ‘7 Reasons Why KiKyo or SongSong Might Not Happen―and its refutations'(putting a slight spin on the usual lists and also to soothe us shippers):

  1. Influence of the Show
    One of the instigating and driving reasons of the popularity of this pairing, I believe, is the storyline and their characters in the show. (I think a large proportion of ‘shipped couples’ is due to this reason.) The viewers are heavily influenced by the drama pairing because if you asked them before the show aired very few would probably have thought they were matching.
    Counter-argument: As much as the viewers may be influenced, there has to be some basis/truth to the couple’s pairing for SO MANY people to root for them. After all, the casting crew and director must have thought they matched well or they wouldn’t have cast them.
  2. Not Enough Closeness
    Is it just me, or were there a few instances where you thought they didn’t ‘look’ like a couple in love? At times, it seemed like there was a level of awkwardness(or is it tension?) beneath the surface of their acting. For e.g. in certain scenes where you expected more hugging/physical contact, there wasn’t.
    Counter-Argument: Maybe they’re not supposed to be the lovey-dovey kind? Maybe their characters aren’t fans of PDA? It could be because they’re in the beginning stages of their relationship, so they’re a bit shy/nervous.
  3. He calls her ‘Noona’
    Joong Ki keeps calling her his senior and ‘Noona’, which means ‘older sister’. She is also older than him by 4 years. Personally, I think he does look quite a bit younger than her with his cherub-like face.
    Counter-Argument: If they love eachother, the age gap wouldn’t matter so much. Besides, it’s only a 4 year gap. Pshhh, it’s practically nothing compared to the ones with the real age gaps, like 8-15 years.
  4. Older Men-Younger Women Stereotype
    There’s a common trend where established women in the entertainment industry, like Song Hye Kyo, tend to go for much older men, especially if he’s a director/producer. For e.g. Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lawrence, Jung Hwa, Kristen Stewart, etc.
    Counter-Argument: Notice that it says ‘stereotype’. Hye Kyo may be an exception. If it’s only for the maturity, Hye Kyo has mentioned before about Joong Ki’s maturity and overall great character. She even said that he’s better than what she expected prior to knowing him. Plus, Joong Ki has a cheerful and fun side to him, on top of his maturity. Hye Kyo has also said that he is in fact, ‘very manly’.
  5. One-sided Love 
    If you told me that Joong Ki liked her I could atleast see some possibility in it judging from the many small actions and looks he gives her. On the other hand, Kyo said and did very little that could suggest, even remotely, that she likes him.
    Counter-Argument: I don’t know if she’s a normally more reserved person and is like this with everyone/other men. She has adopted a very private approach to dating after her first relationship, often keeping things on the down-low.
  6. Merely Fan Service 
    There is also a big possibility that most of Joong Ki’s actions towards Hye Kyo is just fan service or to play up the publicity(or both).
    Counter-Argument: You can say that for the words and certain actions but he’d have to be a damn good actor to act out those looks he gives her. Not saying that he’s not a good actor though, but seriously, have you seen the way he looks at her??
  7. They’ve denied dating rumours 
    Both their agencies have previously denied any such relationship between them, calling them ridiculous. Joong Ki has also mentioned how the two of them keep up with and laugh it off together about the latest dating rumours about them.
    Counter-Argument:Admittedly, this should be a huge blow to all their shippers but there is one soothing thought about it. Namely, that this was said before and love can/could have blossomed between the two now or in the future.

I’ll admit, maybe we’re all looking into it too much but hey, it’s to at least appease our shipper fantasies! It doesn’t hurt as long as we don’t pressure them. Which reminds me, I think it’d be better for KiKyo chances if us fans DO NOT put too much pressure on them to be together. This could, ironically, drive them apart. Let’s let them know that no matter the outcome, we will support them! (Omg, I sound like such a fan -_-)

Leave a comment or by all means, refute by points with evidences in the comments section! Until next time!

Scene from Descendants of the Sun - Yoo Shi Jin & Kang Mo Yeon
Don’t they look cute here? She looks more vulnerable and his pose is just so endearing!

UPDATE: Oh.My.God. !!!!! They’ve announced that THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED ON OCTOBER 31ST!!! I’m over the moon!! Congrats to them!!

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    1. Your comment just made my day!! Thank you! Hehe, I shall see what I can post about them 😊 , although there’s no more speculations to be had since they’ve been confirmed!


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