Dear Fabian: Update

Well! Haven’t been on here for a while.
Now, onto what’s happening in my world. Let’s see…I did an internship writing short posts online for a Korean fashion company, Miscellani. The people there were awesome. Very appreciative and welcoming. It was a new experience and as much as I’d have liked to work longer there I had too much going on in my life at that time and couldn’t juggle all of them; so, I quit. If you’re interested, head on over to, under their ‘social’ section, to read some of my posts! 

I’ve also been trying to sell-off some second-hand items to declutter our place. And boy, did I underestimate people’s stinginess! Some second-hand buyers can be so tight-handed with their money, and I wasn’t even asking for much! But alls not lost, I’ve managed to sell three sets of items so far.

Now, onto the weather. Beijing’s already had a headstart on winter, and it’s hella cold! Autumn was so short this year. Didn’t even have a proper chance to wear my fall clothings. And the radiator hasn’t come on, but it will in a few days, thank God!

Well, that’s all I think for now. Will write to you next time! Hopefully, it’ll be more on schedule 😀

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