My Amazon Shopping Experience

[Note: This is an old post that, for reasons I’ve forgotten, I didn’t publish. But here it is!]
Hey, hey!

It’s early evening right now in Beijing and I’m sipping some jasmine tea(it’s jasmine infused green tea, I love it but it makes me go to the toilet too often 😝). It has been raining bucket loads the past few days and only let up for a day. I enjoy staying in on rainy days with a cuppa milk tea but now I’m beginning to understand why Brits are so excited for sunshine. All this rain is also causing delays in the shipment of online buys 😣.

Yesterday, I finally ordered my gift for my sister’s upcoming birthday. We got her a beautiful watercolor set called ‘Prima Marketing: Tropicals’ and it didn’t come cheap! (Hey, we’re not loaded with cash.) I had to choose between Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Set and Prima Marketing’s and I went with the latter as people say the colors are more vibrant and a little of it goes a long way. Anyway, if you’re in China, you have to be a Chinese citizen to purchase off of Amazon’s Global Platform. I ran into some issues but managed to solve them myself. They don’t accept ICBC cards either. I paid using Alipay(China’s equivalent to Paypal. Although Paypal is available in China, too). The watercolor was supposed to be delivered within 7-12 days for Standard Shipping but when I checked in today to see the estimated delivery time, it ended up being 16 days!! Um, hello? I need it to arrive in 11 days at the latest! I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I might try to contact them and see if they can quicken it up a bit.

(26th July, 2016)

I contacted the customer service and it turned out that they meant 7-12 working days. Well, that sucks. It may come before the estimated date if I’m lucky. Fingers-crossed then!

(27th July, 2016)

Just realized there was a message from the shipping company asking to provide the necessary details and documents for customs clearing. From the previous afternoon! That means I had inadvertantly delayed the shipping even further! 😣

The confirmation process didn’t take long, thankfully.

(28th July, 2016)

Why is my parcel still sitting there in Los Angeles?? It’s been a day since they received the documents 😱.

(3rd July, 2016)

Finally! I checked on the shipping status and there’s a new update! It says that my order arrived in China on the 1st(although they didn’t put that info up there until the 3rd), where it straight went through to the customs inspection and has now been green lighted! Can’t wait for the delivery. Maybe this is just wishful thinking but I hope it makes it in 2 days! InshaAllah ✌.

(5th August, 2016)

Oh my God, it arrived!!! On the dot. Wow. I cannot believe how in time it got here! Right on the birthday day!

(Later in the day)

Oh.My.God. This cannot have happened! Noooooooooo!Everything turned out PERFECT and this had to happen! You wanna know what went down? My sister saw a picture I took of the gift. !!!!!

Why, oh why????!! This is so annoying! Ugh.

Sigh. Well, atleast the gift arrived on time.

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