How to Fix Shoes That Slip Off

Recently, I bought a pair of wedges on TaoBao(one of the most popular online shopping sites in China). 

Kate Middleton Style Platform Wedges - in Beige
This version has sparkles in the heels!

It’s beautiful but the thing with having big feet in China is that buying shoes can be a bit of a hassle. I’m a size 41(I think that’s a US size 8.5?) but I also have a slight bunion. Yes, I just admitted that I have bunions. How embarrassing 😌. So not only do I have a length problem, but also a width issue. And then when you finally find some shoes in large sizes, they don’t look fashionable :|. I ended up getting the wedge in one size bigger and it fit, except for it’s length. It kept falling off my heel whenever I walked. So, I decided to get one of those heel pads for situations like these. 

Heel Pads

Heel pads

It looks kind of…weird, but it works! Hooray! It cost around RMB 10(US$ 1.50).
Another method I tried before I bought the heel pad was stuffing a thin sock(I tried tissue as well) in the toe end of the shoe(it must be a closed off end). If it won’t be visible, you can also wear a pair of socks(not silk, though). Although, these two options are only suitable for slightly larger shoes. Mine was significantly longer, so, only the pads work.

On a side note, I now get why it can be hard to walk in heels for the first time. Props to those who make it look so effortless! Now I know how ridiculous that Jurassic World scene was where the lady scientist managed to outrun a T-Rex…in heels. I enjoy a good dinosaur-chasing-human scene though 😜. 

Well, that’s all I have to say for today. Write next time!

P.S. I seriously don’t get what all the fuss ‘Pokémon-Go’ is about. People just need to calm down 😒. 


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