Top 10 K-Pop Songs That I Like (February 2016)

Back in 2012, I was still in highschool. There was a friend of Jasmine’s that was really into a Korean boy band. At that time I just couldn’t fathom what she saw in them. Just an umpteen amount of flowery looking boys in tight pants standing in various ‘cool’ poses. I would have never predicted that three years later, I would become a fan as well! I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore fan, I’m still pretty selective with my choices. Like the flowery aspect of some of the K-Pop guys? Still not digging it. Although that doesn’t mean there aren’t more masculine ones.
When it comes to Korean songs I tend to gravitate towards the more upbeat and dance-inducing kind. But I wouldn’t mind a slow song just as long as the tune is beautiful. Anyway, let’s dive in then, shall we? I have to warn you though, the guys usually wear some eyeliner(yes, eyeliner) in their music videos.

(In no particular order)

1. Error – VIXX
I found the storyline behind this MV(Music Video) quite a bit sad but I am in love with the song! Also, this one has less of those choreographed dances that Korean bands are known for. Not that I’m complaining! I really enjoy watching them move their bodies in such impossibly, precise movements. Oh, and I’m totally crushing on the lead guy in the video. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Thunder – EXO
The first K-Pop boy band that I started liking was none other than EXO. I enjoy listening to numerous songs that they’ve performed. It was their ‘Growl‘ MV that put them on the K-Pop map. But just like with any song that I like, the enjoyment wanes the more I listen to it. EXO used to put out two versions of their albums; one in Korean and the other in Chinese. I know, pretty impressive. And tiring, too. Although, I much prefer listening to the Korean version. It somehow sounds cooler. Nevertheless, EXO remains one of my most favourite K-Pop bands out there.

3. Blue – Big Bang
Not a big fan of their songs seeing as this was the only one I liked…Actually, I love this song. But they’re more known for their song ‘Fantastic Baby‘ with its weird, androgynous look in the music video.

4. Back – Infinite
Infinite is another one of my favourite bands, I think it was this song that first got me liking them.

5. Bad – Infinite
I discovered this song recently and, without a doubt, it has become a firm favourite! I can’t imagine an English song starting out with this kind of tune and beat(I’m so glad that there’s K-Pop or I’d never get to hear this!)

6. Miss Me Or Diss Me – MC Mong ft. Jinsil
Rap is normally not my cup of tea but there are a few that I do like. And this song is one of them. It’s one of those songs with both rapping and singing. I’m aware that that(no, I didn’t make a typo) kind of music is an old trend now. But I, for one, do not care for trends as long as the song sounds good.

7. Tomorrow – Tablo ft. Taeyang
An old favourite but still liking it.

8. Danger – BTS
Ohh...smack. I love this song! Found it a few weeks ago in a playlist and I.Am.So.Glad. !!! I’m sorry, I just had to break my good-grammar rule. It’s that good. (Maybe I’ll love it less as time passes but I’m going to enjoy it while I can!)

9. Skool Luv Affair – BTS
I didn’t love the part up until the chorus that much but watching the MV has got me rethinking that opinion. The chorus though, mm-mm, lovin’ it!

10. Danger – Taemin
The only preferred song out of all his other works, ‘Danger’ by Taemin is one more music piece that’s going into my list of fantastic songs to listen to.

* * *

After searching for the links to the above songs and rewatching certain bits of them, I can’t help but gush over just how good their dancing skills are. Seriously, it makes me want to go and learn some dance moves myself! And is it even possible to crush on so many guys at one time?? Their managing team really knows how to make them attractive to their fans. Gosh, I’m fan-girling here. Have never put myself down as that type! Well, do tell me in the comments if you’ve found any of the songs awesome or, awful(regrettably). And ofcourse, this is just a third of all the Korean songs that I like! He, he, he.

“A day can make all the difference between winning or losing.”

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