Getting Personal, Procrastinating and A Wedding


Dear Fabian,

It’s been a while. How are things with you? My side has been a little hectic(or maybe it’s only in my head, ‘cos it sure does feel like it). Recently, I found out that my friend from highschool is getting MARRIED! Natalya’s younger than me, so I’m a little surprised. Nineteen, to be exact. It’s not unheard of, I know, but I’m like, Where’s the rush?? She’s known the guy for only a few months and she’s decided to marry him? Sure sounds like she’s jumping into things. The fiancΓ©’s also much older than her. I do hope she’s picked the right guy. Natalya’s known to be a little too spontaneous, so I hope she won’t regret this decision. All the same, I wish her plenty of luck and happiness for their union!  Although, I am mildly disappointed that she didn’t tell any of us(our old group of friends). I mean, this is big news. Oh well.
Moving on, I think I’ve bitten too much than I can chew with all the new goals I’ve created for myself. My side-project, updating my blog, keeping up with the news, following other blogs, answering emails, chatting to old friends, maintaining my social media, watching TV shows, doing chores, studying two online courses, crocheting and browsing for yarn online. Phew! That’s a lot. Maybe too much. I know the key to keeping your resolutions is moderation but having been doing nothing for the past year, and possibly longer, while everyone’s going places and achieving new things has made me feel like a useless git. I needed to switch up my gears and do something. Getting lost on social media has not helped any. I always thought that all those articles aimed at helping procrastinators were not written for me. Whenever I saw one I would think, Tch. That’s not for me. I don’t procrastinate. But now, I’ve finally come to the realisation that I most certainly do procrastinate(I like to reflect on my actions and try to understand why I do what I do). I’ve got to schedule my activities more realistically. Oh, and on top of all that I want to get down to reading some books I’ve got sitting in a bag since last year. And here I am calling myself a ‘lover of reading’! Pshhh. I should go and change that in my profile before anyone accuses me of lying.
For today’s dinner my Mom made a smashing dish of Cumin Mutton. I don’t think Yasmin has ever cleaned out her plate so fast(on account of the incessant flow of talk we always have during a meal).
Anyhow, I think I’ll stop here for today. It wasn’t a very positive letter but it has appeased my frustration a bit, so that’s a good thing! For me, anyways! Hehe. Write next time then.

Warm regards,

P.S. The weather here has dropped significantly, of late. It’s so low(well, for Beijing anyway) that there’s ice on the window panes! The wind isn’t helping any, either. Some sources say that it hit -30℃ last night, contrary to the -15℃  the weather forecast stated. This is just going to be added incentive for everyone to skeedaddle out of the country during the Spring Festival holidays. Beijing’s going to look like the scenes from the movie ‘I Am Legend’. Like a ghost town. *Cough* Give me this chance to be overly-dramatic, please. Thank you. Also, if you haven’t noticed already, I tend to switch between American and British spellings of certain words. I hope you won’t mind. 😁

“A day can make all the difference between winning or losing.”

5 thoughts on “Getting Personal, Procrastinating and A Wedding

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  1. Hey Viv,

    I was spot on, on you being jobless eh? πŸ™‚ Take it easy now Viv. Even I had the same financial issues which you’re facing now. I too was quite unfortunate when it came to pursuing higher studies. Somehow I managed to overcome it, after I started doing a job and managed my own self financially. In your case however, that too isn’t an option yeah? Poor you.
    Kinda hard to believe that this thing with parents are still affecting children negatively, even at modern times like such. You’re not Asian, are you? Coz that would explain a lot.

    Finding the right person is going to be the most crucial decision you’d ever make in your life. Don’t look for an escape, but do your stalking properly. Put your MI-5 skills into use.
    It’s good that you’re keeping yourself busy on an intellectual level. It’s an inspiration to lots of us, reading your blog.

    Let time solve most of your problems. (like the weather) πŸ™‚
    Keep yourself occupied and do some sightseeing. I used to wander about in Landao and the Friendship store when I was feeling down. The Pearl Market would be an even better option for ya noh?

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    1. Hahaha 😁. I’m definitely going to be using my MI5 skills for that. Thanks so much for your support! I really enjoyed reading your comment 😊.

      I’ve been to all three places that you’ve mentioned when I was a kid! But after seeing all the glitz and glamour of Dubai malls, places like Landao significantly pale in comparison. πŸ˜– The Pearl Market has been revamped some time ago and there was this other clothes buying hot spot called ‘YaShow’ but they, too, went under a facelift and has now become just another one of those overly-priced plazas. πŸ˜’ Unwise decision on their part. But Sanlitun is still the centre of activity for foreigners, though.

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  2. Sanlitun…oh yes..I forget these names now my dear..
    YaShow came up during the time I was there. Big hype back then.
    Landao is good for techies like us but doesn’t suit ya I think.

    Glad if I made you feel a bit better, Viv. You’ll be all right. πŸ™‚

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  3. Don’t worry Vivian. When the time comes everything will happen smoothly. I used to think that my parents wouldn’t allow me to work. But at 19 I’m allowed to do 2 jobs, though I’m not allowed to use public transport. I’m happy with that. There are things that we can’t control. My opinion: find a job and then ask your dad. If you ask your dad first, it gets complicated. If he says no afterwards, let it go. The time may dawn when miracles surface. You need to be patient.

    Here in Sri Lanka, higher education is free for a majority. So I don’t have to worry about that. You may have come across Sha’tara. Once she told me that a shortcoming in the bureaucracy at the time prevented her from attending college. Look at what she is today. Her thinking is not limited and so philosophical and different, perhaps due to this.(just my opinion) Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise πŸ™‚

    Btw where are you from? Dubai, China? This is confusing πŸ˜›

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    1. I am much grateful for your warm comment and advice 😊. I agree with what you’re saying but at the same time, it’s quite hard to keep faith when you’re in the present. Few people have the patience and strong beliefs like that. Throw in my ever changing mood, it can be a bit testing.
      You’re lucky to be able to study in the country where you’re actually from. Unlike me.
      As for getting a job, I shall keep your method in mind. Hehehe, we gotta be a little manipulative, huh? Thanks so much for your support, Amra!

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