The Year 2015

When I was younger I would calculate what age I would be by the time year 20― came around and I remember being amazed, and appalled at the same time, at how old I would be. And now, here I am, already 21 years old(I’ve yet to fully accept that, I just can’t take it in that I’m now in my twenties.)
2015 hasn’t been a very spectacular year for me, nothing much special happened. Me getting my own, proper cellphone and my grandfather being diagnosed with bladder cancer were the only big news. I haven’t told much about myself in this blog. I did initially want to include some posts on my life and I still intend to. I want to show people how an ordinary life is like, as opposed to famous people(I have nothing against them, just trying to show a different aspect to life and hopefully find others who lead similar lives, so that we can all be in this together ☺).
I’m not sure just how much I’d like to put out there. I still want to keep my real identity cloaked as I don’t want people that I know to see this. For the past week I just wasn’t in the mood to write anything. Do you ever go through those moments?
I know not many(hardly any πŸ˜‚) people read this blog but everyone has to start somewhere, right? For anyone who’s reading this, what would you like to see in my future posts? Currently, I intend to write:
β€» Reviews(of products I buy; like face & hand creams, shampoos, books, electronics, and apps, etc).
β€» Life in general and in China
β€» Recipes and food related stuff
β€» My opinions on daily affairs
β€» My attempts at handcrafts

What do you think? Any suggestions or comments?

P.S. This has been less of a structured entry. Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing a structured one 😁.

“A day can make all the difference between winning or losing.”

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  1. I really liked this blog! I’m a bit like you with how you want to show people how an ordinary life is like. I find it interesting seeing blogs like your where it is just the ordinary life.. well you know i would say mines ordinary, a bit more crazy like haha πŸ˜€ but still ordinary! keep up wiht your blogs theyre great!

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  2. I’m an ordinary person too. So basically in the same club. Even I have those moments when nothing comes up to write. It’s terrible. So I have decided not to stick to a schedule and post whenever I want to. In case you missed my christmas day post, you could guest blog on mine if you are interested on global affairs, current issues and/or inspiring stories πŸ™‚

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  3. There are many when it comes to ordinary people. By the looks of it, most of them are reading your blog and don’t worry about site stats. It’ll come.
    I read about you and Amra’s French experience on Perfect-the-Days and was even more surprised to hear you mention China as well coz I could totally relate to both. What a ko-inki-dunk eh?

    When I started blogging, hiding my identity didn’t seem appropriate at all. However as times changed and my thoughts became more provoking, the need for anonymity rose above all expectations. It’s too late for that now due to the integration of social media on blogs. I however suggest that you start anonymous and maybe only share your true identity with the ones who you trust the most.

    Reviews on face/hand creams and shampoos?
    Ha Ha. I have a guy friend who’s into these stuff. Will share your thoughts with him.

    People still do these things? You’re one of a kind, aren’t ya? I recently met a fellow blogger who paints. It’s really astonishing at times when you come across people who’d opt for simpler things in life..things which we used to do before we lost ourselves in this cyber maze.

    Structured Writing
    You better consult Amra on this matter. She’s the prim and proper one from what I’ve seen, whereas most of us dig messy.

    Finally, just be yourself. People will judge you. Don’t forget that you can comment back πŸ˜‰
    Have a great 2016!

    PS: I should’ve stopped at the first para.

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    1. I’m so glad you didn’t stop at the 1st paragraph!! 😁 Really enjoyed reading your comment. I’m overwhelmed that someone actually took the time to say what they thought. On MY BLOG, nonetheless!
      I’m not too stressed on follower count right now, you got to build good content, right? I always remind myself that EVERY body had to start from the bottom πŸ˜„. So I’m very grateful to each new follower.
      I’m glad that I like making crafts, it’s a welcome respite from being glued to the screen so much 😁. We see eye to eye on a lot of things!
      Hiding your identity can be quite difficult, especially as I want to write about my life as well. And also, like you’ve mentioned, in this digital age.
      You have no idea just how coincidental this is! How does China fit into YOUR life? I live there at the moment.
      And finally, THANK YOU for passing on the word about my blog and for your supportive comment! This means a lot 😘. I hope you have a fruitful 2016!

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  4. Ni Hao,
    I’m somewhat relieved to hear that you didn’t mind about the earlier word count. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, come out of it now. You’re good. Believe me. Such talents I wish, I had.
    I too want a huge break from being surrounded by so much of technology and gadgets but that’s how I make a living. No time for simpler things in life, therefore.
    I’m sure you must love your downtime with your crafting and cooking and reading and what-not. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    You live in China? How nice. The Yuan has gone up to Rs.22/- or more yeah? At the time I was in China, it was only Rs.12/-. I lived their for almost 03 years. Drop a mail to and I’ll tell you more about it. Like I said, gotta keep me identity hush hush from these naughty blokes nah.
    All right then.
    Happy Blogging πŸ™‚
    Bai Bai la

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    1. Haha 😊, it SEEMS like a lot of fun. It would be more enjoyable if not for my current situation. China is okay but it’s certainly not for everyone! You might have heard about the recent ‘toxic levels’ of pollution happening here. THAT is a major downside to living in China. And yes, the Yuan is equivalent to Rs.22(rounded-off). So you were here around 10 years ago?? You’ve definitely been on earth longer than I have!
      Hahaha (^_^) but I thought your identity was already known?

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  5. The toxic levels and air pollution have been serious issues for them ever since.
    If I’m not mistaken, there were more than 4,000 (or 40,000, I’m not sure) new vehicles being added to the road on a daily basis and they had no way of stopping it.
    That, and the shift from agriculture to industrialization. I’m sure that the whole world would be suffering from the after effects in a few decades to come. We bring upon death on ourselves, on our journey to power!
    I’m not sure as to what you mean by your ‘current situation’, but shall not pry into it. Hope you’re keeping well though.
    That’s an accurate prediction. Yes, right about now was my last Winter in China, though I left during next Summer. Good old days which I miss a lot, now that you’ve taken me down memory lane. I am indeed old, little one. πŸ˜‰

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    1. They did attempt to alleviate the car problem by alloting certain days that a vehicle can be on the road(by different types of number plates). Maybe you’ve heard of it. It certainly hasn’t SOLVED the problem but I don’t know if it has helped lessen the effect.
      Thanks for your well wishes, it’s nothing too serious though. Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!

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