How to bake a cake in a Bread Maker

So last time I wrote a review on the bread machine I got and made bread with amazing results(minus the effort that would usually go into traditional bread making). Although I have to add that it only makes the sliced-bread kind(i.e. with soft crusts). My sister and I then decided to make a cake and I suggested using the ‘Bake’ function instead of the ‘Cake’ one. The reason being that the ‘Bake’ option leaves you free to adjust the timing and temperature, compared to the set characteristic of the ‘Cake’ button.
Baking a cake in your bread maker has it’s downsides though. You can only make 1 at a time and then only to a certain size, depending on your machine’s maximum mould capacity. It also takes double the cooking time.
With that said, all’s not lost with this method. If you don’t have an oven, don’t mind the extra time or the quadrilateral shape of the cake, this is a great and simple way to satisfy that sweet tooth. So let’s get on with the recipe, shall we? 🙂


For my first attempt my sister proposed we try a Carrot Cake. I’ve never made carrot cake before, but after looking at the recipes online, I was glad to find it a very easy one to make! Here’s the recipe with some alterations(for the original recipe, you can find it here):

(Makes two 3½ by 4 inch cakes)

▪2 cups all-purpose flour
▪2 teaspoons baking powder
▪2 teaspoons baking soda
▪1/2 teaspoon salt
▪2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

▪1¼ cups white sugar
▪4 eggs
▪1 cup vegetable oil
▪4 cups grated carrot
▪3/4 cup chopped walnuts


Prep -15 min

Cook – 1½ hr

Ready In – 1 hr 45 min

① Preheat bread maker to 350 degrees F /175 degrees ℃(Medium heat on my machine. Please refer to your model’s manual. ±5℃ is fine) for 5 min. Grease and flour your mould if necessary, they’re usually non-stick material so you can skip this step if you want. Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Set aside.

② In a large bowl, mix together the sugar and eggs until thick and pale. Stir in the oil, then gradually mix in the sifted dry ingredients. Fold in the carrots and nuts. Spread evenly into the prepared pan.

③ Bake for 1½ hour in the preheated machine, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. When cool, frost with your favorite Cream Cheese Frosting.

★I reduced the oil to ½ a cup and used another ½ cup of melted butter(it didn’t make as much of a difference as I envisioned. Maybe I should have used only butter to get that butter-y flavor), so that it would equal to 1 cup. Use lesser oil if you want to minimize the oiliness.
★For the preparation/mixing I did it by hand, instead of using the maker. I was worried that it would over mix the batter.

So, basically to make almost any other cake, you just follow the recipe and double the baking time(this applies if the time required to bake a bread in your particular model is double of that needed for baking in an oven. For e.g. Baking bread in the oven takes about 30 minutes, my machine takes around 1 hour, so I would double the baking time stated in a cake recipe.)
I divided the mixture in two as I wanted to give it some space to rise each time.


Admittedly, I panicked when I saw how uncooked the cake was almost ¾ of the way into baking. But it turned out fine in the end. Whew! The result was marvelous. It was both risen and delicious, no uncooked bits! Next time I’m thinking maybe a banana cake or how about dark chocolate with chocolate chunks? Yum!

Be sure to show me your creations! You can tweet it with the hashtag #vgwcake . Talk next time!

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