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Note: I just typed out this post and it didn’t save! Everything down the drain! Gahhhh!

Recently I bought some crochet supplies online. There were so many pretty thread colours I had a hard time choosing. Cerulean blue, warm grey, cream white, rose pink, oh the variety! I finally decided on a green and a purple, telling myself that I’d get more if I was satisfied with the product.


I also purchased a crochet needle set.



So, with great zeal, I picked out a few good tutorials on youtube and proceeded to crochet. My first attempt came out like this:


I wasn’t very satisfied with the result. You can’t make out the pattern in some places and it’s a little disproportioned.
The next day I decided to make a different item, a ‘Granny Square’.


This one turned out much better, in my opinion. The pattern’s more distinct and it stayed flat. This was attributed mainly to having relaxed my hold on the thread.
All in all, I found crochet an entertaining experience! You can even listen to music or podcasts while making your coaster or phone pouch. I plan to take on a more challenging project next time I crochet; this intricate centrepiece (tutorial by Jeego Crochet).

Here are a few Youtubers I’d recommend with great tutorials:
▪Bella Coco
▪The Crochet Crowd
▪Meladora’s Creations for Crochet
▪Jeego Crochet

Well that’s all for now, blog another time!

“A day can make all the difference between winning or losing.”

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