SKG Bread Maker (Review)

I’ve never managed to make bread turn out the way I want. I know I can do it if I had more practice. But while I’m waiting on that front let’s talk about the bread maker my Mom got recently.

(I'll upload an actual real life picture later)

Admittedly, this model looked a little like a mop bucket. It’s not that big in real life and I think you can’t get this model in the States. BUT, let’s focus on the machine’s purpose for a minute shall we? When you think about it it seems unbelievable that a machine could make good and proper bread. I was skeptical but gave it a try anyways.      
   Let’s just say that I was utterly blown away by the results! It said it would make bread and it did just that.

A 750g Soft, White Bread
I've only brightened the images a little due to it being taken in the night.

It took 3 hours to make but all you had to do was put the ingredients in and that’s it! Really a great tool for those who can’t bake, don’t have the time or just plain lazy bums 😛 .
   The bread turned out pillowy soft and airy with a teensy bit of spring to it; just like store bought sliced bread! The only major downside is that you can only make one at a time. It’s also quite small for a large family(this can only serve 2, in my opinion).
    This model came with the ability to make other stuff too; e.g. eight types of bread, jam, cakes, certain desserts and rice cake. I recently took a chance and tried making a cake with the ‘bake’ option(its original purpose is for cooking meat). And thank God, it came out fine. In fact, it turned out so impressive I’ve decided to use it again for other cake recipes! I shall write another post on that as it’s not really on the same topic.
    The verdict? The bread machine’s definitely a great addition to your kitchen, even if you do know how to make perfect bread. It just frees up more time and energy to do other more important things. This particular model was on sale at ¥199(about US$31) on a Chinese online store.
    I’ll give an update on how the other functions turn out when I get the chance. Till next time then!

“A day can make all the difference between winning or losing.”

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