The Year 2015

When I was younger I would calculate what age I would be by the time year 20― came around and I remember being amazed, and appalled at the same time, at how old I would be.

How to bake a cake in a Bread Maker

So last time I wrote a review on the bread machine I got and made bread with amazing results(minus the effort that would usually go into traditional bread making).

Hands On

Recently I bought some crochet supplies online. There were so many pretty thread colours I had a hard time choosing. Cerulean blue, warm grey, cream white, rose pink, oh the variety!

SKG Bread Maker (Review)

I've never managed to make bread turn out the way I want. I know I can do it if I had more practice. But while I'm waiting on that front let's talk about the bread maker my Mom got recently.

The First Phone Call From Heaven – Mitch Albom (Review)

That book did that to me. It was both poignant and enrapturing, made you cry and believe. Suffice to say Mitch Albom became my safe choice whenever I was at a bookstore and wasn't sure what to buy(I hate leaving without a book).

Shoutout to the world!

Hi 🙂 Welcome to my new place; Phantom Paper! Like almost every one who's ever created a blog, I've made many and never really maintained them. This time,